Born in the Ashes 180g Vinyl

Born in the Ashes 180g Vinyl

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Side A

  1. Always Want What You Can’t Have
  2. Good News
  3. Same Damn Thing
  4. Memory of What Used to Be
  5. Reflections

Side B

  1. Born in the Ashes
  2. Darkest Day
  3. I’ll Come Running
  4. This Heavy Soul
  5. Let Your Love Shine
Production Credits
  • Paul Turley: Lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Ben Atkins: Bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Pete Hancock: Drums, backing vocals
  • Produced by Greg Haver
  • Engineered by Clint Murphy
  • Assistant Engineer Tarrant Shepherd
  • Backing vocals: Cat Wyn Southall
  • Keys: Nick Nasmyth
  • Strings: Andrew Walters - The Vulcan Strings
  • Brass: Uppercut Horns
  • French Horn Matt Jewell (Darkest Day)
  • Mastered by Ryan Smith Sterling Sound USA
  • Choir: (This Heavy Soul)
  • Sally McGrath
  • Eve McGrath
  • Harry Bagnall
  • Lottie Greenbags
  • Chris Hepworth
  • Matt Jewell
  • Isabel Ulitzsch
  • Saskia Hahn

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