Born in the Ashes CD

Born in the Ashes CD

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Track Listing

  1. Always Want What You Can’t Have
  2. Good News
  3. Same Damn Thing
  4. The Memory of What Used To Be
  5. Reflections
  6. Born in the Ashes
  7. Darkest Day
  8. Kingdom of the Blind
  9. Don’t Look Back
  10. I’ll Come Running
  11. Your Days Are Numbered
  12. This Heavy Soul
  13. Let Your Love Shine
Production Credits
  • Paul Turley: Lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Ben Atkins: Bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Pete Hancock: Drums, backing vocals
  • Produced by Greg Haver
  • Engineered by Clint Murphy
  • Assistant Engineer Tarrant Shepherd
  • Backing vocals: Cat Wyn Southall
  • Keys: Nick Nasmyth
  • Strings: Andrew Walters - The Vulcan Strings
  • Brass: Uppercut Horns
  • French Horn Matt Jewell (Darkest Day)
  • Mastered by Ryan Smith Sterling Sound USA
  • Choir: (This Heavy Soul)
  • Sally McGrath
  • Eve McGrath
  • Harry Bagnall
  • Lottie Greenbags
  • Chris Hepworth
  • Matt Jewell
  • Isabel Ulitzsch
  • Saskia Hahn

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